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rambling update

My finals are finally over!!!!!!!! Whoever decided to have exams on a Saturday morning at 8:30 in the morning should be SHOT! I was so not impressed with getting up early on a Saturday when I didn't have to work... And when I tried to get into the building, the doors were locked because my school's connected to a mall and I had to wait for security to come and let me in, even though I have a pass that should let me open the door myself. That pass, of course, wasn't working. Just my luck. On a happier note, I killed that exam. I knew practically everything and finished extremely early, which sometimes makes me nervous, but I was confident. Apparently SFU gives back $120 per credit if your GPA is above 3.7... I'm not sure if I believe my friend when he says "per credit" because that's almost my tuition for the semester. I think $120 per course is more likely, but I'll take what I can get. I'm hoping that if I get an A from this course, my 3.67 will bump up over 3.7 or SFU is nice enough to round up... I really have no clue how GPA is calculated, so... we'll just have to see  :)

On a less happier note... Luongo is injured. He was getting better, but he aggravated it earlier this week. :(  I know it's a good time for Schneider to prove himself and get some playing time in the NHL, same goes for Sanford, but I miss Lui. What I'm hoping happens when he comes back is: We keep Schneider up in Vancouver so he can train and learn from Luongo and his goalie coach, and we trade Sanford for a draft pick from next year's draft. What I'm hoping doesn't happen, which seems to happen a lot in Vancouver, is we trade Schneider away before he can prove himself in Vancouver and he goes somewhere else and becomes Mr. Goalie.

The Canucks are playing Edmonton right now. They seem to have lost some of their spark :( I'm hoping it's because they're tired at the end of a long road trip and after coming home tomorrow and then having two days off, they'll come back and be the Canucks I know they are :) That would be just in time for Linden's retirement game on Wednesday, which I fail to have tickets for -_- I really wish they would stop taking penalties... really, really, REALLY wish!


I DO HAVE OLYMPIC HOCKEY TICKETS!!!! FOUR GAMES!!!!!!! :D Two Canada games and two Russia games!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!! I get to see my Russian boys play!!!!!!! in person!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe!!!!!!!


So, I'm on LJ every single day but I haven't posted in what seems like and very well is, forever.

University's a bitch. We have a love/hate relationship going on right now. I love my classes and the people in them but I HATE doing the readings :P I can read anything you throw at me but for some reason, when I read about colonialism, fordism, ecological footprints and the criminal event theory, it just doesn't seem to stick like it should. Frida Kahlo on the other hand, the class I thought I'd have the most trouble in, I understand completely.

Irony, much?

Hockey's starting soon....thank god because I need some hockey in my life right now to distract me from the upcoming midterms and term papers due :D I'm a little worried about the Canucks...there are a lot of new faces and we don't have a captain. I still think Linden should come back for one more year and then retire as captain....

I'm also really mad that the ONLY time the Canucks play the Capitals, it's on PPV and I'm working so I can't even dish out the money to go to Boston Pizza or the movie theatre to watch :'(



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